Delicious, fresh, and all local

When you live at Watercolour, an array of local cafes and restaurants are just a walk away, including a local brewery and winery. From cottage cooking to gourmet food, the village offers options for whatever you’re craving. Many of Westport’s culinary establishments even include waterside dining. In Westport, it’s easy to get out, dine, and unwind.


Stop by for some locally made beer and nachos at the Westport Brewery, just a walk away from Watercolour.

Westport Favourites

Scheuermann Vineyard & Winery

Indulge all year long with walkable access to the Scheuermann Winery. The Winery offers amazing hand-crafted wines, delicious wood-fired pizzas, and vibrant music performances during the summers.

The Cove Pub

The Cove Pub features a unique take on home-cooked favourites while also offering opportunities for international dining throughout the year. From its great selection of local wines and beers to frequent live music shows, the pub offers Westport residents and visitors a great place to unwind.

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