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July 30, 2022

Summer is a great time to visit Westport and this weekend there is a new trail for you, your pets and family to enjoy! A winding trail along Harvest Creek in Watercolour Westport has some new bridges and we would love to see your pics as you explore them! Use #harvestcreektrail. 

Walking trails are an important part of Watercolour. When the community is completed, there will be 8 km of sidewalks, 6 km of walking trails, and corridor paths between homes and around ponds. These walking trails and paths will help connect people to nature and each other.

Mayor Jones recently commissioned the bridges. She was there representing the people of Westport – both long-time residents and those who have recently moved to the village. Watercolour’s Stephen Rolston joined her for the occasion.  

Each bridge is 25-feet long and crosses Harvest Creek, making up part of the trail system designed and built by Watercolour. The bridges are built for generations to enjoy with 3,000 lbs of wood and 2,000 lbs of steel. The wood is B.C. fir, brought in by the WoodSource, a lumber store and mill shop in Manotick. 

Harvest Creek is usually dry in the summer months but the bridges are necessary to keep the trail system accessible in the spring and fall and after a rainfall. Not to mention they are pretty beautiful! 

The Watercolour Westport neighbourhood is designed to add to the village and the beautiful natural surroundings. We hope to partner with the Canadian Wildlife Federation in the next phase of developing our ponds to achieve their garden habitat certification. With each phase of our community, we will continue building places people love.

Phase 2 is now open!

Our Phase 2 lot reservations are available now. If you’re looking for Move-In-Ready we have ONE HOME in Phase 1 left and it will be ready soon. 

Come see us after your trail walk – our model home is open Saturday and Sunday 12pm-5pm. We’d love to meet you on the porch! 

Picnic on the Beach: September 10th, 2022

Picnic on the Beach: September 10th, 2022

Land Ark Homes is pleased to invite you to a Picnic on the Beach at Westport Sand Lake Beach on Saturday, September 10th from 11AM - 3PM. Enjoy a free lunch catered by the Westport Lion's Club, live music from Eric Uren and Meg Balogh, and fun for all on the beach!

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