Community Connections at Picnic on the Beach

Written by Land Ark Homes

September 16, 2022

A picture of Westport from a top of spy rock.

Watercolour and the Westport Lions Club hosted 125 people at the Picnic on the Beach last Saturday. Good food and live music at a beautiful location… what a great way to spend a Saturday in September in Westport.

The idea for the Picnic on the Beach came out of a desire to keep building community. After one year in Westport, we’ve seen a lot of rich, new friendships develop since our first new resident, Mona Kennedy moved in. Since then, many new families have made Watercolour their home. We wanted to celebrate Westport and the community.

As usual the Lions Club did a fantastic job organizing and serving the food. Land Ark Homes picked up the tab with a donation to the club. We love how the Lions Club serves our community and we love supporting them in any way we can.

The Westport Lions Beach was the perfect place to hold the event on a sunny warm Saturday. The Lions Club had their mobility van on display too.

Eric Uren and Meg Balogh on the fiddle provided toe-tapping music. Paul Millar, the lead pastor at Westport Free Methodist Church, said grace and our own Stephen Rolston gave a few words of welcome. People lingered over lemonade and delicious butter tarts. The warm weather brought the freezies out as adults watched kids playing on the beach. It was a great day.

Of all the conversations we had, one exemplified the community spirit and connections we’re seeing in Westport. A long-time resident of Westport told us that he met a new Watercolour resident while walking his dog on the Harvest Creek Trail. They became friends and now walk together regularly.

It’s those kinds of new friendships that we love seeing. At Watercolour, we believe that the longing we all share is to belong to a community where neighbours are friends. That’s why we’ve designed Watercolour as a walkable community connected to the village by sidewalks and trails and bridges. The houses have big front porches where people can visit with friends and chat with neighbours.

Watercolour has been developed around the walkable, pedestrian-friendly tenets of Traditional Neighbourhood Design (TND) made famous by Andrés Duany and his architectural firm DPZ and the association he helped found, The Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) and the book he wrote The Smart Growth Manual. Please come by our sales centre and we can talk more about our vision for Watercolour.

You can now reserve your lot in our new Phase 2. We have a number of new styles and configurations available including single family bungalows, bungalows with lofts, two-storeys, and townhomes. Victoria had a busy day on Saturday in the model home. Come see her soon to get the latest news on Watercolour.

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