Embrace a Walkable Lifestyle in Westport, ON

Written by Land Ark Homes

November 18, 2021

In the village of Westport in Eastern Ontario, simplicity reigns supreme. Here, the pace is slower so that you can enjoy long, fun-filled days, the homes are spread out among the trees so everyone has access to green space, and residents can simply step out of their homes and walk to numerous local destinations. Here, you’ll never need a car to get around, because all that you need is close and convenient. 

When you live in Watercolour, Westport’s brand new community of cottage-style homes, all of life’s conveniences are within .7 km from the community’s entrances. Here are a few of the places you can walk to from Watercolour and within the village of Westport:

  • 8 Restaurants and Cafes
  • 6 Retail Shops and Boutiques
  • 5 Recreation Sites, including Foley Mountain Conservation Area and The Westport Harbour
  • 3 Grocery Stores
  • And 1 Pet Supply Store!

The Benefits of a Walkable Neighborhood

Walkable neighborhoods provide many more benefits than just convenience. They’re good for the environment, your health, and your sense of community. Walking will:

Help the Environment: Fewer cars on the roads means less air and noise pollution. The air you breathe is cleaner, and birds and animals are not rattled from their natural habitats. As part of the Frontenac Arch Biosphere, local leaders and residents of Westport are always looking for ways to live more harmoniously with nature, and fewer cars is a big step forward. 

Improve Your Health: This is obvious, but walking every day is great exercise! Even if you’re walking to sit in your favorite cafe or wine bar, it’s important to get your heart rate going for at least 30 minutes a day. In Westport, whether it’s walking to get groceries, taking an after-dinner stroll, or going for a hike on any of the nearby trails, you’re bound to get much more than half an hour a day. And that’s a great thing for your health.

Boost the Economy: Have you noticed that when you are walking in another country on vacation, you’re more inclined to stop at interesting shops and restaurants? The same is true of your local community. Strolling through Westport’s town centre, where storefronts are clustered together, encourages you to stop, dine in, or grab an interesting piece of home decor, which all contributes to a healthier local economy.

Build Community: Of course, walking builds community, because it gives you the opportunity to speak with neighbors, store owners, town employees, and others. The more people you know in your neighborhood, the easier it is to work together to accomplish tasks and initiatives to make it an even better place to live. 

Walking just feels good, and that’s what living in Westport, ON is all about. 

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