Enjoy Live Music at the Cove Inn

Written by Land Ark Homes

August 8, 2022

Living in Westport means you have the opportunity to explore and discover new possibilities for your wellness.

Did you know that listening to live music can improve your brain function, reduce your stress levels and create community by the shared experience of common purpose? Recent studies have shown that listening to live music can have far reaching health benefits. Walking distance from the homes in Watercolour, an evening stroll can include taking in live music at the nearby Cove Country Inn.

You will find a line up of live music, almost nightly to enjoy at The Cove Inn. Performers from near and far consider it a privilege play at The Cove where co-owner Seamus Cowan can sometimes be seen on stage. 

If you are coming for an overnight stay when you explore Westport, then there are a few charming options. The Cove Country Inn is a lovely place for an overnight stay, good food and a night of live music. It’s a place where hospitality and charm are in abundance.

This summer’s line up includes jazz, soul, blues and even a Caribbean dancing and dinner party! Check their website for up to date listings on artists and their delicious dining options. Greater wellness awaits you  in your better place to call home.

Hope to see you at The Cove!



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