Let’s Talk Wellness

Written by Land Ark Homes

September 2, 2022

What are you doing about your wellness?

Perhaps we should ask ourselves….when do you know you’re sick? Usually we present ourselves to a medical professional to help us when symptoms creep into our lives that are unpleasant or giving us a poor quality of life. Well, the symptoms of stress and disconnectedness are what inspired Land Ark to build homes in Westport for new homeowners to find a calmer pace of life.

“We are disconnected from nature and one another”, says Stephen Rolston, founder of Land Ark Homes.  That disconnection is the cause of so many ailments. Stress, hurry and a lifestyle linked to commuting by car have caused modern ailments that can be alleviated by choosing wisely where to live.

Homes that have walkable access to the village of Westport give homeowners the opportunity to meet on the sidewalks and find their way to all the village amenities they need for living well.

Building high performance, Net Zero Ready, homes gives homeowners access to the best possible indoor air quality, and comfort. Stepping outdoors into the fresh air in Westport is good for the body and mind as well.

Many people refer to the GWA, the ‘Greater Westport Area’ but we think it could also be the Greater Wellness Area.

Regardless of your age and stage in life, being well is what we value most. Children, adolescents, teens, adults and seniors – all can find ways to keep well in Westport.

Come for a visit to find a better place to call home – and be well!

Ask us about the many local pursuits that contribute to wellness – or check them out https://watercolourwestport.com/lifestyle/

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