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Net Zero Homes

by Land Ark Homes, an Award-Winning Ottawa Homebuilder

Energy Efficient Homes in Westport, Ontario

All homes in Watercolour Westport come third-party certified Net Zero Ready

The Peak of Comfort

Better indoor air quality with reduced allergens, even temperature control throughout the home and abundant natural light.

A watercolour resident standing in her kitchen.

Sustainable Energy Efficiency

Net Zero Ready homes are up to 80% more efficient than a code built home.

A young family reading a book with their child.

Built to Last

A tighter building envelope, that is solid on every connection and tested for airtightness along with a blanket of insulation, keeps temperatures steady and homes resilient for years to come.

The Sydenham Bungalow at Watercolour Westport.

“Peace of mind” homes

It just feels good to breathe better air and know your home is using clean, environmentally sustainable technology.

Interior of home at Watercolour Westport.

Net Zero Ready vs. Net Zero?

A Net Zero Ready Home is designed, built and certified to a standard of efficiency where it consumes only as much energy as it is able to produce from an alternative energy source in the course of a year.

Choosing to go fully Net Zero means choosing energy independence – no more energy anxiety about the next outage. Explore our Solar Package options to see what it would require to make the switch to Net Zero in your new home in Watercolour.

Click here to read the Top 9 Myths about Net Zero Homes from the CHBA.

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Download "Net Zero Ready the Land Ark Way" (PDF)

Watercolour Westport is North America’s first entirely Net Zero Ready neighbourhood that is fossil fuel free. Download this PDF to see how we do it

Interior Features & Technology in every Land Ark Home

Canada’s First All Electric Net Zero Ready Neighbourhood

Stephen Magneron, Ontario Manager, Homesol Buidling Solutions Inc.
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Land Ark Homes is building to the 2030 code now. Watercolour at Westport shows other builders that net-zero ready homes are achievable today.

Stephen Magneron

Ontario Manager, Homesol Buidling Solutions Inc.

Gary Sharp, President, Airtight Home Technologies Inc.
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We are finally at a time in the building industry, where we have the technology to create buildings that produce as much energy as they consume on an annual basis. The homes of Watercolour Westport are more comfortable, healthier to live in, and maintenance-free compared to any other house you have lived in. They also help prevent the causes of climate change.

Gary Sharp

President, Airtight Home Technologies Inc.

Brett Cass, Coordinator, Net-Zero home-labelling program at the Canadian Home Builders’ Association
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Community scale Net Zero projects like Watercolour at Westport are a turning point for the Canadian homebuilding industry.

Brett Cass

Coordinator, Net-Zero home-labelling program at the Canadian Home Builders’ Association

Nick Gall, Director, Distributed Energy Resources, Canadian Renewable Energy Association (CANREA)
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Canada isn’t the easiest place for net-zero energy home construction but we have the technology and the building expertise. We can absolutely achieve the decarbonization of the homebuilding sector. Watercolour at Westport is one of the new building developments leading the way.

Nick Gall

Director, Distributed Energy Resources, Canadian Renewable Energy Association (CANREA)

Clean Technology in Our Homes

Right-sized high-efficiency Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump furnaces

Jeld Wen windows & doors logo

Jeld-Wen: Triple pane windows to feel comfortable in winter and summer

Owens Corning logo

Owens Corning Foamular CodeBoard insulation for even more protection from unwanted heat in the summer, and cold in the winter

Bluewater Energy logo

Residential and commercial solar system installations to home and business owners in Eastern Ontario

Rheem hot water tanks

Energy-Efficient Rheem Air Source Hot Water Tank

Homesol Building Solutions Inc logo

Providing energy solutions for residential new construction or retrofit projects for homeowners and home builders

Why Build Ahead of the Current Building Code?

A couple of mothers that live in Watercolour Westport with their children.

We aren’t waiting for the laws to require this – we are starting now! We are committed to making a positive contribution to the lives of our homeowners, their families for generations to come, and to have an exemplary level of environmental stewardship.

Purchase a Net Zero Ready home, our base standard, or choose to add Solar Panels to take the final step to a Net Zero home.

Enjoy years of a healthier, safer, more comfortable living space with fewer drafts, even interior temperatures, fewer humidity issues and better indoor air quality. With fewer long term maintenance costs due to better, more durable building products, we are building “peace of mind” homes that will have longevity and stability.

Take a look at the beauty of sustainable homes in our Design Gallery: