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Designed To Live Healthier: 2 Things You Didn’t Know Affected Your Well Being

Written by Land Ark


April 8, 2023

Before we relied so heavily on a car in our day to day lives, life was very different. Some of these things from days long ago, researchers are saying we would do well not to forget.
People walked a whole lot more.
Neighbourhoods and towns used to be designed to be walkable out of necessity. Is it any surprise to us that those who walk more, also happen to be much healthier physically? In fact, some studies have found that inactivity has a higher correlation to weight issues than diet!

We’ve designed Watercolour to be walkable for exactly that reason. Your basic needs are accessible within 0.7km of a walk from the entrance to the community. Your groceries, great dining, coffee shops, the brewery, the harbour, an award-winning beach, great hiking trails – it’s all close by.
You actually knew your neighbours
There’s something about urban density that gives us people overload. When there’s too many people to know, and your front door is 75ft from the sidewalk, it’s all too easy to duck inside and never develop connections with those nearby.

Traditional neighbourhood designs champion large front porches (standard on every home in Watercolour) that are near to the sidewalk. It’s a design that fosters conversation, connection, and eyes on the street where the kids are playing.

This thought too was important to us in the design of Watercolour. Dreams of a life in cottage country connected to nature and neighbour, are being realised.

We would love to tell you more about how being thoughtful in the design of Watercolour’s streets and homes is a part of our vision of seeing New Life and New Possibilities come alongside the New Homes in Westport. Give us a call today, or stop in for a chat on the porch. We also have a video about walkability with Stephen Rolston you can watch here.