Introducing 3 incentive programs

At Watercolour Westport, we’re committed to enriching lives by creating great places to live, work and play. Now we’ve also created some great incentive programs, to help reward both our existing purchasers and new buyers alike!

A young family holding the key to their new home at Watercolour Westport.
A community party at Watercolour Westport.

1. Make a Friend a Neighbour
$1,000 BONUS

We value your business and we would like to extend a special offer to you and your friends. If you encourage a friend or family member to visit one of our communities and they buy a home with us, we will reward you both with $1,000 as a referral gift*.

That’s a $1,000 cash bonus for you, payable upon closing of the home and $1,000 in bonus Design Studio upgrades for the person you referred. And all it takes is a few words to the right person!

2. We Appreciate Repeat Purchasers
 $2,000 BONUS

As one of the Land Ark Homes family, if you buy a new home at any of our communities, we’ll show our appreciation by giving you a $2,000* discount off the purchase price of your newest home.

Watercolour Westport incentive program for first responders
Watercolour Westport incentive program for Canadian armed forces.

3. We appreciate our men and women in uniform
 $2,000 BONUS

We are thankful for the service and dedication offered by the brave men and women in our Canadian Armed Forces, and First Responders. Nothing would please us more than in helping them accommodate their families in a brand new home.

If you are a card-carrying member of the Canadian Armed Forces, or a registered provider of Emergency Medical and Public Safety services, we’ll show our appreciation by giving you $2000* worth of free Design Studio upgrades for your new Watercolour home.

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