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Time, Patience and Care

  • A river along a green path close to Watercolour Westport.
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    Sharing the responsibility for the future of our forests is a partnership that requires trust and dedication. Working with a builder of remarkable communities who is dedicated to environmental stewardship for over 30 years, makes Land Ark a trusted partner.

    Land planning is both an art and a science. Making decisions about the location of homes and the inclusion of green space or shared community space requires technical skill and creative design.

    Land Ark Homes has engaged leading advisors from around North America and the local region throughout the land planning process. With over 4000 trees planted to date and ponds in communities in the Ottawa area, Land Ark Homes is an experienced partner.

    Drawing inspiration from around North America, The Villages at Niagara on the Lake Ontario, Windfall at Blue Mountain Ontario, Braestone in the Horseshoe Valley Ontario, Serenbe in Atlanta Georgia, Watercolour Westport will be a world class community offering a remarkable lifestyle, enduring architecture and unparalleled environmental stewardship.

  • Community space

    Integrating planned outdoor spaces with naturalized storm water ponds bounded by native species gives opportunity for recreation, community interaction, nature study and environmental education. Bridges on the Harvest Creek trail are a legacy gift from Land Ark Homes to the village of Westport. With 2000lbs of steel and 3000lbs of Douglas Fir from BC, these bridges are a new monument for the enjoyment of generations of Westport residents.

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    A walking path along a river in Westport, Ontario.
  • Two elderly residents walking together along cottage style homes at Watercolour Westport.
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    Walkable living

    Westport Village has a large number of Smart Growth qualities due to the diverse residential, retail, leisure & entertainment venues, schools and public edifices. New homes with proximity to the core of village amenities will ensure their viability and sustainability. Walkability also increases wellness and community engagement. New sidewalks, walking trail, outdoor lighting for road ways and the roads themselves, have all been constructed by Land Ark Homes, at no cost to the village.

  • Attract & retain younger people

    Building a true community requires housing that appeals to various demographics of homeowners including young residents who bring much needed support to a community. Younger populations are a support to existing ageing populations by way of companionship, physical support and providing needed services. Westport will be a vibrant sustainable village where young people can live, work and play.

    Westport is a village with one of the oldest populations of villages in Ontario. New homes in Watercolour, that enjoy a proximity to services and schools are more walkable, less dangerous for children where there can be “eyes on the street” and a place where an active lifestyle is purposeful, providing health and wellness benefits. With the transformation of work – life opportunities, remote workers situated in Westport will enjoy a balanced lifestyle unknown to their predecessors.

    Less time in the car commuting to employment lowers the cost of transportation borne by young workers, less pollution from vehicle use and improves health outcomes. An increased housing supply will allow young families to stay in, or move back to Westport.

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    A young father and mother holding a child in their home, reading a book.
  • An aerial shot of the construction at Watercolour Westport.
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    Preventing sprawl

    Smart Growth Communities are worldwide, broadly studied and provided the inspiration for Land Ark Homes in the planning of Watercolour Westport.

    A Smart Growth Community with compact, walkable mixed use amenities that preserve and enhance natural landscapes is ranked highly by new homebuyers and residents alike. Urban sprawl that lacks connectivity to nature and neighbour has become a hallmark of cities that are in decline. Westport will benefit from Smart Growth.

    Homes with a visually appealing streetscape and connected sidewalks leading to a vibrant village give residents a sense of community and encourage civic engagement. As witnessed early in the life of Watercolour, the village’s newest residents have quickly joined local service clubs, attended local events and began serving in civic leadership.

    The Draft Plan approved is the best use of the land and prevents sprawl that would be an unsightly addition and a poor use of land within the village boundary, which can be used for agricultural and recreational purposes.

  • Collaborative design

    Offering entry pricing points in multi unit housing provides more choices. Creating a community with diversity in pricing serves more buyers and allows buyers to move within a community as their housing needs change. Smaller lots offer lower maintenance and cost of care and refurbishment, resulting in less property in the village that requires generational improvements that are cost prohibitive.

    Affordability is the priority for land use and lot sizing. Each square foot of land inside the village boundary is valuable. With input from the community the plan for the subdivision has changed in response. In 2021, a mix of one 4 unit townhouse block was added. As recently as January 2022, feedback from the community on affordability led to the design of 57 units that will back on to Concession Street.

    Building a NET ZERO READY community that is entirely fossil fuel free brings a new level of sustainability. Energy conservation, better indoor air quality, less water use and energy waste in heating water, high efficiency air source heat pump for heating and cooling brings a level of comfort and efficiency that homeowners desire.

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    A few cottage style homes lined together at Watercolour Westport.
  • A few businesses lined together in Westport, Ontario.
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    Boosting local businesses & generating tax revenue

    It is common knowledge that new residential growth brings one-time benefits and ongoing economic benefits to local businesses. Retail spending growth for the village is estimated to grow by 1.3 million dollars PER YEAR from 120 residents. This multiplication is going to bring sustainability to the non – tourist seasons of Westport. This increased demand for goods and services will bring new jobs and opportunities.

    Watercolour will be a net financial contributor, generating more revenue than the cost to service the community. Annual surpluses could be used to lower water rates and stabilize future tax increases.

  • Providing options for seniors

    Aging in place is a benefit to the elder, as well as those who companion them in their homes and communities. The recent pandemic has shone a spotlight on the desirability of aging in place and having support services available in the context of community.

    The Westport area demographics show the clear need for opportunities where housing can provide an independent living arrangement for someone who otherwise may be placed in a retirement home setting due to their built environment. Homes in Watercolour have open plan concepts, main floor living and other new home construction options to accommodate aging in place.

    Often homes that are in decline and disrepair become the tipping point for elderly people to move. A new home constructed with low maintenance needs and with new technologies mean a home that is easier to manage for aging in place.

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    An elderly hand and hand of young person shaking in front of flowers.
A happy family in a Land Ark Homes community.