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Earth Day Anxiety

Written by Land Ark


April 21, 2023

Westport Harbour, Summer 2022

Another Earth Day is coming and Land Ark Homes is working to build a better future. 

Anxiety about the planet is real. 

Most companies, politicians and educational institutions talk about stewardship but do very little. Rather than being immobilized by fear and being overwhelmed – there are actions you can take to make a difference.

You might think it’s primarily your car – but in reality homes are a major portion of carbon emissions by households. Green building and decarbonizing heating is a priority in Canada. Fin MacDonald, program manager of the Zero Carbon Building program at the Canada Green Building Council, agrees.

In provinces such as B.C., Ontario and Quebec whose power grids don’t produce a lot of emissions, fossil fuel combustion from buildings represents the biggest source of carbon dioxide, he said. While people may be concerned about a car idling for 10 minutes, your house is basically idling all day.  Leaky homes with poor insulation and inefficient mechanical systems cause harm to the earth. 

Other builders may say they care about the environment, their homeowners and their impact on the planet. But almost all continue to build to standards which are obsolete.  In fact according to the Canadian Home Builders association, of the 240,590 homes built in Canada in 2022, only 425 (0.2%) were certified Net Zero Ready or Net Zero!.

Given the many calls to build millions more homes nationwide to address important housing supply challenges, the growing problem of obsolete homes is about to get much worse without corrective action.

Rather than building one trophy home with all the bells and whistles of energy efficiency and materials chosen for longevity – Land Ark Homes is building an entire community that will be part of a lasting legacy of caring for the environment and the people who inhabit the homes. Watercolour Westport is a fossil fuel free Net Zero Ready community. 

Our homeowners have peace of mind with the expert-specified construction details and equipment used to build their homes. The skilled labour and intentional designs have all been carefully selected to care for our homeowners and the environment. Reforestation is taking place and community trails are being integrated to allow shared spaces in the community that access the treasured resources of trees and creeks. 

If you long to be cared for and to be part of a community that cares for the planet and its inhabitants, then come for a visit

We know stewardship matters because everyone wants to leave a better legacy. That’s why we have created a learning video for all homeowners, 9 Steps to Net Zero Ready. Watch it and share it with a friend. We can do better – together!