How Often Do You Want Fresh Air In Your Home?

Written by Land Ark Homes

August 19, 2021

Time slows down in Westport, Ontario, and that’s a good thing. 

Westport is a small village located in beautiful Eastern Ontario at the west end of Upper Rideau Lake. Surrounded by 32 lakes within a 15-miles radius, life here is defined by the water and the Ontario cottage lifestyle. Enjoy a simpler pace of life — where you live outside as much as possible, become a steward of your community, stay physically active, and responsibly engage with the natural world around you. In Westport, the tallest building is two stories, you can leave your car in the driveway for weeks without missing it, and there’s no such thing as crowded roads or walkways. People from all over Ontario and the Eastern Seaboard come to Westport to escape, relax, recharge, and increasingly — to live.  

Life on Upper Rideau Lake

Life in Westport revolves around getting out and enjoying the water. Once a hidden gem for Ontario’s serious boaters, Upper Rideau Lake is 61 square kilometres of clear, calm water that’s ideal for sailing, swimming, water skiing, windsurfing, and paddling.  Along the 220 kilometers of shoreline, visitors and residents alike enjoy hiking, picnicking, camping, or browsing the many local art studios, boutique shops, and restaurants. 

Westport is surrounded by hundreds of lakes, many a short distance away, so there’s never a shortage of new places to discover and explore. Foley Mountain Conservation Area lies just north of Westport and provides plenty of opportunities for hiking and nature viewing. Climb to the top of his granite mountain for picturesque views of Westport and Upper Rideau Lake. The Rideau Trail, a 387-kilometre network of trails extending from Kingston to Ottawa, runs right through the Foley Mountain Conservation Area and offers some of the best hiking in Ontario. 

Upper Rideau Lake is part of the Frontenac Arch Biosphere, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve that is rich in biodiversity and a designated learning place for sustainable use. It is the intention of those who live and work here to do so responsibly, so that generations more (of both humans and wildlife) can enjoy the stunning natural habitat. 


Historic Westport

When residents are not out enjoying pristine waters or unspoiled terrain, you can find them dining, shopping, running errands, and socializing in the historic village of Westport. You’ll find this quaint town center buzzing with energy as people visit restaurants, cafes, retail shops, gathering places, and resource centers that are welcoming to all. Leave the car behind and enjoy a walking tour to discover the peaceful waterfront where you’re guaranteed to find the perfect spot for a picnic lunch or just to sit in the sun and relax. Westport is a true community for those who live here — one where neighbors become friends, people know you by name, and there’s a built-in support system for anything you need. Or, if you prefer the quiet solitude of  nature, you’ll find that here, too. 

Historic Westport also has a thriving arts scene with several large festivals that attract visitors from across the region. MUSICwestport is an annual free outdoor music festival held on the third Saturday in August, and the Rideau Valley Art Festival offers exposure for artists from all over Ontario and Quebec.

A young boy tubing on the Upper Rideau Lake close to Watercolor Westport.

Modern Cottage-Style Lifestyle

A well-lived life in Ontario often includes embracing the cottage lifestyle, whether it’s just for a weekend or for endless summers on the lake. At Watercolour Westport, a new, walkable community on the edge of Upper Rideau Lake in Westport, you can make the cottage life yours forever. Watercolour’s brand new, sustainably-crafted, Net Zero Ready cottage-style homes have been crafted specifically for living in Westport. Built by award-winning developer, Land Ark, each home features unique and highly livable floor plans with welcoming front verandas, open living spaces, retreat-like bedrooms, and plenty of storage. Yet, they are cozy enough to easily maintain, so that you can make the most of your time in Westport. 

Whether you’re coming from Kingston, Ottawa, Toronto, or New York, these modern cottage-style homes on the lake allow you to escape the city at a moment’s notice and reconnect with family, friends, nature, and most importantly, yourself.

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Community Connections at Picnic on the Beach

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Community Connections at Picnic on the Beach

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