It’s a Great Time To Move Into a Bungalow

Written by Land Ark Homes

October 6, 2022

The Frontenac Bungalow Town (End Units)

The Cataraqui Bungalow Town (Interior Unit)

Our new bungalow town homes are causing quite a stir! Hundreds of you have viewed our model floor plans and inquiries are coming in about the opportunities that lie ahead at Watercolour.

But some of you are probably wondering, is now a good time to sell my house? Is this a good time to buy? Well, since the crystal ball business has proven itself useless we won’t gaze into the future for you. Market timing has always been a risky business.

What we can tell you is there are GREAT reasons to move.

Move because you are looking for a better home, in a better place with better wellness in mind. It’s never the wrong time to move to the right place – and we think Westport is the right place!




Friends + Nature = Health

Imagine an 800-acre conservation area right outside your doorstep. Walk down to the harbour and let the serenity of the Upper Rideau and its captivating sunsets ground you in a moment that you’ll never forget.

Recently a brain health influencer on the topic of wellness cited the value of 60 minutes in nature a day. Combine exercise and green space with a friend and a multiplication happens!  You get the benefits of increased activity levels, reduced stress, restored mental energy, and improved mood, self-esteem, and perceived health. How cool is it that – you can do all those things with just a simple walk with a friend? That’s why we built the Harvest Creek Trail #harvestcreektrail for our whole village to enjoy. It has already been the ground where new friendships have been formed.

We also are building better homes at a better value. Even in this uncertain and inflation-pressed market, the value in the standard features in a Land Ark home are a good investment. Net Zero Ready means you are ready to be energy self-sufficient by adding solar panels and lower utility consumption even if you don’t. Then there’s the longevity of a home built with materials like James Hardie Hardieplank ™ siding – you just can’t beat a 100-year life!

Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible

Pictured (from left to right) Rodney, Joe, Victoria, Noah, Kevin, Matt, Mona and Steve Land Ark homes has embarked on what other homebuilders consider an impossible mission. Build a home for the future in the present. Phase 1 of Watercolour Westport is a leading...

One Word to Describe Living in Westport: Relaxed

One Word to Describe Living in Westport: Relaxed

Can we all say that about where we live? That we feel relaxed? Many of us, if we could, would live at the cottage year round and escape the urban hustle and bustle. Watercolour Westport seeks to make that a reality for homeowners: cottage country life, connected to...

A Virtual Tour, A Workshop, aaand more!

A Virtual Tour, A Workshop, aaand more!

Can't join us for a model home tour in person? Now you can take a sneak peek on video! Watch here for a look at our new model home (but we still hope you'll stop by for an in-person visit).  Book and In-Person Tour or View Phase 2  Christmas Wreath Making Workshop In...

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