Just A Little Farther…

Written by Land Ark Homes

April 27, 2022

Go a little farther to find something better.

Watercolour is part of a historic village. Westport is poised to grow and has the unique geography of the Frontenac Arch Biosphere that brings nature and neighbourhood in perfect balance.

Walking the other day, a pedestrian lost their credit card from their pocket. As she re-traced her steps with a friend she was about to despair and call the bank to cancel the card. Her friend though, encouraged her to re-trace her steps ….just a little farther. Well, as you probably have guessed the card was laying on the sidewalk. Just a little farther from where she was about to give up.

We want to encourage you to go a little farther to find something better, in Westport.

Have you been searching for a new home? Is there a sense of anxiety and angst about your journey? Well, we are here to help. Our people and our process are something that will put your mind at ease and set you on a journey of discovering a better place to call home.

Our people, like Zach and Jon, are waiting to help you learn more about our homes and the charming village of Westport. Our process, led by a design and engineering team that is second to none, are making history by building Canada’s first Net Zero Ready community.

And Westport is really not that much farther….consider the commute you may face if you live in a major centre in Ontario. Westport is 1.5 hours to Ottawa International Airport, 40 minutes to Kingston, 3 hours to Toronto. But best of all everything you need is a 15 minute walk from your front door and fibre optic 1GB internet service is available in your home. Choose a visit time today.










Interview With Watercolour Homeowner

Interview With Watercolour Homeowner

“I entered a point in my life where I wanted to be in nature. This place embodies nature and community, which is what I like.” - Sandi, Watercolour Resident Watercolour in Westport is being developed by a proven builder with a trustworthy track record. Land Ark Homes...

Maple Syrup Season is Here 🍁

Maple Syrup Season is Here 🍁

A sweet welcome into warmer weather after a long winter - a visit to the Sugar Bush is an annual (if not much more frequently!) tradition for many in Rideau Lakes.  You don't have to drive far to find the great maple syrup that makes the Westport area famous. Here are...

All You Need is Sun

All You Need is Sun

Our earth is remarkable and miraculous. To harness the energy of the earth and put it to use for mankind while leaving it unspoiled is the challenge of true stewardship.   Many of us know that the sun’s energy can be harnessed by what we label “solar power.” But...

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