How Often Do You Want Fresh Air In Your Home?

Written by Land Ark Homes

August 24, 2022

A Net Zero Ready Home from Land Ark includes $200,000 of added value that other builders call upgrades.

Download the price brakdown here. And we are still selling these homes at market rates.

One of the most common questions we get is: What is a Net Zero Ready Home and why does it matter?

The technical differences of how these homes are so energy efficient, while providing more fresh air, natural light and comfort, are best explained by watching our new Youtube series: Net Zero Ready Homes: The Land Ark Way(or by asking us in person on your model home tour!)

Watch above for a simple example: premium windows that don’t feel hot to sit in front of, even in direct sunlight.

You’re simply buying a better-built home, making a better investment. In 2035, the Canadian Building Code will require new homes to be built to Net Zero Ready Standards. Why invest today in an obsolete home? We’re not waiting, and climate change certainly isn’t either.

Book a tour today to feel the difference we talk about in these built-better homes. We’d love to meet you!

Watch this video with Steve Rolston, Founder Builder at Land Ark Homes, and Gord Cooke from Building Knowledge explain the difference a triple-pane Jeld-Wen Window makes for you.

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Community Connections at Picnic on the Beach

How Often Do You Want Fresh Air In Your Home?

How often would you like fresh air in your home? Most of us would say a resounding: all the time (and any of us who wouldn't might just be worried that the fresh air comes at the expense of leaving a window open and letting cold or hot in!) We'll keep this brief to...

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