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Thinking About Opening The Cottage?

Written by Land Ark


April5, 2023

“Home and cottage – two words most suggestive of comfort in the English language.”
 William H. Ranslett writing in The Architect, 1851 
A cottage has an architectural definition from its historical origins. In Ontario, cottages were designed by early settlers in the style and influence of their places of origin. Irish, English and Scottish settlers made their imprint on the designs of cottages from their European experiences. Cottages were simple homes adapted to the harsh Canadian winters.Modern history has documented the rapid evolution of cottages from their humble beginnings to the endless possibilities of elaborate structures found in cottages today. However, most cottage designs still attempt a presentation of a modest and cozy dwelling in a rural or remote location.In cottage life, practicality will prevail over pretentiousness and structure will be chosen to compliment interaction rather than simply making impressions. Mention the word “cottage” and the prominent thoughts and memories of so many of us, are the feeling of simplicity, connectedness with nature and people, and the joy of being free of the demands of suburban and urban life. So, why not have a cottage style home, in cottage country? At Land Ark homes we have been studying simplicity and cottage style design. You can see our cottage style in our floor plans and exterior colour palettes. We want our homes to bring the warmth and comfort of cottage life all year round.But are designs and appearances enough? Absolutely not! The right design in the wrong location can be a homeowners disaster. At Watercolour Westport we have secured a premier location that offers our cottage style homeowners the year round comforts of home with access to all that a waterfront village has to offer.Choosing to live in Watercolour Westport, your home will be the destination for gatherings and a place for you to escape urban density and live in a cottage style home with welcoming front porches and backyard screened porches to recline in. Open concept living areas with layers of privacy and seamless gathering areas. Simplicity comes in two forms when you move to Watercolour Westport. First, your home is built to future construction standards and we are exceeding specifications in many ways. Being Net Zero Ready is one huge step, but let’s not overlook the superior quality of materials like Hardie Board siding that has a lifespan of over 150 years, and triple pane windows that will reduce the solar heat gain and loss in the house. Hardwood floors are a standard finish on the main floor and so are quartz kitchen counter tops. It’s much simpler to own a home that is well constructed and built with quality materials.Second, combining a home and cottage into one property is a recipe to reduce hurry and enjoy simplicity. Hurry is harmful to our health and in order to regain control of our well being it is essential to reduce the hurry in our lives. One of our inspirations comes from a book, The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry. Here’s a quote we think sums up the home + cottage = Simplicity 
“The solution to an overbusy life is not more time. It’s to slow down and simplify our lives around what really matters.”
Most agree, maintaining two properties contributes to hurry. Rushing through traffic, stocking multiple kitchens, cutting two lawns, repairing the endless little things that keep breaking down… rarely enjoy either location much, when you’re always thinking about “getting back home” and “getting to the cottage”…..Do you ever arrive? Simplify, simplify, simplify. Take a closer look at cottage style homes in Watercolour Westport.We will be ready to meet you on the front porch and help you make your move to a better place to call home.