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What is a Net Zero Energy Ready Home?

Written by Land Ark


August 16, 2021

High-Quality, Energy-Efficient Homes Built to Advanced Standards

These days, more folks are doing what they can to help the environment, or at least not damage it any further. Whether they are actively researching and taking steps to change the way we consume energy and resources, or simply choosing to buy from businesses that are, every bit helps to create a healthier world that we, and the generations that come after us, can enjoy.

Watercolour Westport — a new walkable, connected-to-nature community of 2, 3 and 4-bedroom cottage-style homes in Westport, ON, is contributing to this global initiative by staying one step ahead of local and national building codes. We build Net Zero Energy Ready Homes, which are constructed to be so highly efficient that they are capable of producing as much renewable energy as they create, leaving residents with virtually no energy expenses and a carbon-free footprint.

How a Net Zero Energy Home is Achieved

Land Ark Development, the builder of Watercolour Westport, is dedicated to creating places that people love to live, at the same time setting a new standard in environmental stewardship. As a result, these new cottage-style homes for sale in Westport are built air-tight with super insulation, keeping them warm in the winter and using the same principles for summer cooling. Because so little air escapes, an Energy Recovery Ventilator brings in fresh air from outside, helping to maintain a constant temperature, and enabling homeowners to enjoy fresh air continuously while reducing allergens. 

High-performance, triple-glazed windows allow homeowners to sit in front of bright, sunny windows in summer without getting too hot and in winter without feeling cold and draughty. There are no fossil fuels directly used as an electric Air Source Heat Pump is in place for air and water heating. The same principles are used in reverse during hot summer months, so traditional air conditioning systems are not necessary.

The result is a home built to incomparable standards for quality and energy-efficiency that uses very little energy to maintain a comfortable, year-round home temperature — a rare feat in a country that faces freezing winters and blazing summers.

From Net Zero Energy Ready to Completely Carbon-Free

A young family gardening in their backyard at Watercolour Westport.

Every home in Watercolour Westport will be Net Zero Energy Ready, meaning they already exceed building codes set forth by construction industry regulators for energy efficiency. The final step to creating a completely Net Zero home is to install a solar electric system that creates the same amount of energy the home needs, lowering energy bills to virtually zero. Whichever choice you make, the brand new cottage-style homes at Watercolour Westport offer the rare peace of mind that the air you breathe indoors will be cleaner, fresher, and last longer, contributing to the longevity and stability of your home and the quality of the environment around you. Plus, your cost savings will be incomparable!

If you’re ready to experience a Net Zero Energy Ready home in Watercolour Westport for yourself, schedule a meeting with a sales agent, or just stop by our newly completed model home. Let’s create a new way of cottage living together!