Work from Home in Cottage Country with 1G Fiber Optic Internet

Written by Land Ark Homes

November 18, 2021

If you thought that living in cottage country meant isolating yourself from technological innovation for the sake of peace and quiet, think again. In Watercolour, a community of brand new, cottage-style homes in Westport, you choose how connected you want to be. If your livelihood (or even your mother) depends on you having high speed internet, we’ve got you covered. Every Watercolour home is pre-wired with 1G fiber optic internet with speeds that might just blow your old ones out of the water. 

What is 1G Fiber Optic Internet?

1G fiber optic internet is among the fastest internet services there are. With data transmission speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second (or 1000 Mbps) it’s up to 40 times faster than a typical home internet connection. To sum it up nicely, 1G fiber optic internet allows information to travel at the speed of light, and it’s available in every home in Watercolour Westport. 

What Does It Allow You to Do?

The better question is… what doesn’t it allow you to do? With internet of this calibre, the difficult becomes easy, the slow becomes fast, the impossible becomes attainable. You can:

  • Download a full HD movie in minutes
  • Update your smartphone’s OS in seconds
  • Join video conferences using ultra high-def video
  • Enjoy the full experience of online gaming and immersive media
  • Have multiple people using multiple devices with no data bottlenecks
  • Upload files to the cloud in minutes

How Does It Work?

1G fiber optic internet is delivered to your home in Watercolour Westport through special fiber optic cable that transmits only internet data. (In a typical home connection, internet, phone, and TV data all travel along the same cable.) Each home already has a fiber optic connection that’s ready for use on the day you move in — no special appointments or installation necessary.

Why It’s Rare in Cottage Country

This kind of internet is not yet widely available. Depending on the carrier, the age of its equipment, and the landscape of an area, 1G internet is only available in certain pockets of communities throughout Ontario. At Watercolour Westport, we made high speed, reliable internet a priority. So you can work from home in cottage country without sacrificing… anything. 

Schedule a visit to Westport to learn how you can escape from the frantic pace of city life, yet remain 100% connected to the things and people that matter most. 

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