Mission Impossible

Written by Land Ark Homes

November 25, 2022

Pictured (from left to right) Rodney, Joe, Victoria, Noah, Kevin, Matt, Mona and Steve

Land Ark homes has embarked on what other homebuilders consider an impossible mission. Build a home for the future in the present.

Phase 1 of Watercolour Westport is a leading example of community scale construction of Net Zero Ready homes. The Canadian Home Building Association has been striving to bring builders along to achieve this construction standard with the challenges it holds.

What challenges you ask? You can discover our NZR The Land Ark Way on our website and sign up for all the specifications. Stephen Rolston, and the entire team have worked tirelessly to source and install the latest in air source heating & cooling technology, water heating systems, building envelope airtightness and insulation just for starters. It’s not as simple as it sounds….it’s a complex process that affects every aspect of the home from design to completion. Is your home ready for solar panels and an electric vehicle?

To simplify it for our buyers we simply say, “its a level of comfort and efficiency that you have never before experienced and a better investment in a home for generations to come”. You can ask our homeowners how much they love their new home in Watercolour – they’ll be happy to tell you!

When you are ready to explore the homes we have to offer in PHASE 2, which is for sale now, give Victoria a call. She’s ready and waiting to help you make the best possible choices for the home of your dreams in the charming cottage country village of Westport.

One Word to Describe Living in Westport: Relaxed

One Word to Describe Living in Westport: Relaxed

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A Virtual Tour, A Workshop, aaand more!

A Virtual Tour, A Workshop, aaand more!

Can't join us for a model home tour in person? Now you can take a sneak peek on video! Watch here for a look at our new model home (but we still hope you'll stop by for an in-person visit).  Book and In-Person Tour or View Phase 2  Christmas Wreath Making Workshop In...

Moving Toward Energy Independence

Moving Toward Energy Independence

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