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Net Zero Ready Homes in Cottage Country

Starting From $599,900

Inspired by heritage Ontario cottage architecture, our homes are designed Net Zero Ready, for your new life in Westport.

Homes are for sale now in Phase 2 – to inquire, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

The Charleston Bungalow at Watercolour Westport.

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Rideau Bungalow + Loft

The Charleston Bungalow at Watercolour Westport.

Charleston Bungalow

The Charleston Bungalow + Loft at Watercolour Westport.

Charleston Bungalow + Loft

Watercolour Opinicon Bungalow exterior view

Opinicon Bungalow

Sydenham bungalow

Sydenham Bungalow

Rendering of the Benson Bungalow A

Benson Bungalow

Front elevation rendering of the Kingston

Kingston Bungalow Semi

Front rendering of the Frontenac bungalow town at Watercolour Westport.

Frontenac Bungalow Town

Front rendering of the Cataraqui bungalow town at Watercolour Westport.

Cataraqui Bungalow Town

How to Purchase

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  • Choose exterior colours from our designer packages you will receive.
  • Choose structural options.
    (Rear screened porch, finished lower level, landscaping)
  • Sign your APS and submit your final deposit.
  • Receive your Homeowner’s Guide.
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  • Schedule an appointment to meet with our design consultant.
  • Review options from the designer packages you will receive.
    (Flooring, cabinets, countertops, fireplace, hardware, lighting, etc.)
  • Determine your preferred appliances and sizing.
  • Meet with our design consultant to make your interior selections.
  • Sign off on interior selections and pay for any options and upgrades.
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  • Have peace of mind knowing that you are moving into a luxurious, Net Zero Ready home built by Land Ark Homes.
  • Complete your pre-delivery inspection when your home is ready.
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  • Congratulations! Welcome to the Land Ark Homes family.
  • Consult Your Homeowner’s Guide for the next steps to care for your home and register your warranty.
  • Enjoy Net Zero Ready, energy-saving comfort for many years to come.

Watercolour Westport Standard Features

  • Net Zero Ready
  • Exterior Features
  • Interior Features
  • Kitchen Finishes
  • Floor Finishes
  • Luxury Bathroom Finishes
  • Electrical Features
  • Laundry / Mudroom Features
  • Rough-ins for Future
  • Internet
  • Tarion New Home Warranty Program

Net Zero Ready – Zero vs. Obsolete

Every Watercolour Westport home is architecturally designed, engineered, constructed, tested then certified Net Zero Ready by the Canadian Home Building Association. They are more comfortable, durable and will help protect the environment and your investment.

Net Zero Ready is set to become the building code standard by 2035. Land Ark Homes is building to these standards NOW. Why buy an obsolete home when you can buy the future?

Being Net Zero Ready, homeowners have the option to offset annual energy consumption with the installation of renewable energy systems such as solar panels and/or home battery. Federal grants and interest free loans (CMHC) are now available for homeowners who choose to add renewable energy systems that can reduce operating costs.

By regulation, the connection of renewable energy generation from a home to the electrical utility grid is subject to the exclusive approval, timelines, and costs of the electrical utility service provider.


The following list details the features that contribute to achieving Net Zero Ready status and improve the home’s comfort and efficiency.

  • For optimum interior comfort, the building envelope insulation consists of: R60 blown cellulose attic insulation, R34 lower-level wall insulation (2” R12 spray foam on concrete walls with R22 mineral fibre insulation in wall cavities), R29 above grade wall insulation (R22 fiberglass insulation with R7 closed cell foam thermal break), 2” R12 spray foam thermal barrier under the basement slab.
  • Comfortable and dry lower-level living spaces are achieved by wrapping foundations in a high-performance drainage membrane that provides enhanced water drainage.
  • Premium triple pane windows have a high insulation value, improved humidity control, and help provide even temperatures within each room. At Watercolour, they are installed throughout the home except in cases where triple pane is not available (glass inserts in exterior door assemblies and basement sliding windows).
  • HVAC: High-efficiency Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) for comfortable, fossil-fuel free, heating and cooling.
  • Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) for a steady supply of filtered, fresh air and desirable indoor relative humidity.
  • Premium duct system provides a more comfortable home with minimal duct leakage, more even heating and cooling distribution and more useable floor space.
  • High-efficiency, hybrid electric ASHP hot water heater (fully owned, no rentals).

Combined, these features result in a high-performance home with greater energy efficiency, comfort and enduring value.