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Moving Toward Energy Independence

Written by Land Ark


October 29, 2022

A woman modifying the temperature in her home.

Canadians want to move towards energy independence – even at the household level.

Energy independence isn’t something the average person has any influence on. But it isn’t far fetched to imagine your home operating without dependence on fossil fuels and using only clean energy. Innovation in every aspect of homebuilding science has advanced the dream to reality. Land Ark Homes is going beyond sustainability into the next generation of home construction and bringing Net Zero Ready homes to Westport on a community scale. But what can that mean for you?

For starters, building Net Zero Ready has comforts! Do you have drafts from windows? Cold spots? Do you have to close the blinds in the summer to keep the heat out? Furniture fading? How about allergens making their way through the air in your home? Say yes to any of these?

A NZR home will have none of those hassles and all kinds of better features. Better features like clean fresh air, triple pane windows, better insulation all around the home, smart ducts that stay cleaner and an EV charger ready garage. Then it’s up to you – add the latest technology of solar panels from Execon Roofing and Solar, and you will be able to move to Net Zero – a home, that by definition creates as much energy as it consumes.

Then, take it one step further, give a glance at your built environment – that’s more than just your house. It’s where you live, play and work. Are you going in all directions by car? Commuting is now back to being your norm: do you want that to change? Well, living somewhere that’s walkable is a huge step towards greater wellness and better environmental legacy.

Watercolour in Westport is a walkable community that has access to the village amenities and services that are needed for most daily needs. You can walk to the arena, library, waterfront, hiking trail, beach, grocer, pharmacy and more. You can find a new sense of community within a historic waterfront village.

We are building a better place to call home, and inviting you to come and make it yours!