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You Didn’t Know a Home Could Feel This Good

Written by Land Ark


April 9, 2023

Net Zero Ready or Obsolete? Which do you want?

Watercolour Westport is Canada’s first community to be entirely built to Net Zero Ready standards, with no fossil fuels piped into the neighbourhood at all.

Net Zero Ready (NZR) Homes are so energy efficient on their own, they are “ready” to be netting zero emissions if you were to plug in a solar panel.

What isn’t as obvious about NZR homes is the other benefits that come with them:
The Peak of Comfort
With more fresh air in the home, and better temperature control – you’ll experience comfort you never knew was possible in every room. Warm, dry basements with better insulation. An air tight building envelope means no drafts spots.  Watercolour’s homes use right-sized cold climate air source heat pumps, for heating and cooling. Jeld-Wen Triple pane windows keep you comfortable in winter and summer – they even block out UV rays that damage your furnishings and floors.
A 200-year Home
To achieve the air-tightness required for NZR efficiency means that Watercolour’s homes are built to last for generations. Solid connections and meticulous care from foundation to roofing, including every home has standard features that other builders call upgrades. Take a look at our standard features and see for yourself. Longevity is the best sustainability. Land Ark is building homes that will last for generations.
Save Money, Save the Environment

Reduce your energy bills by moving to a new home in Watercolour, and experience the win win of more money in your pocket, and less stress on our planet. Why buy an obsolete home? 99.9% of homes new homes being built in Canada today are obsolete. Using fossil fuels, old construction standards and ignoring the advances in building science. Canadian home builders must comply to new standards by 2035. But climate change isn’t waiting until then, and neither are we. Be a part of a change that makes a difference, and rest easy knowing your home is already at the standards of tomorrow.

If you want to learn more about NZR, visit our YouTube channel and follow us!